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The Township Clerk serves as the Secretary to the Governing Body along with Secretary of the Municipal Corporation, Custodian of the Municipal Seal, and all minute books, deeds, bonds, contracts, and archival records.  The Township Clerk is also the Chief Administrative Officer in all elections held in the municipality, Chief Registrar of voters in the municipality, Registrar of Vital Statistics, prepares for Public Land Sales, Notary Public and record manager.

The governing body of any municipality, by ordinance, may create the office of Deputy Municipal Clerk and provide for appointments to it including compensation, term of appointment and the powers, duties and functions of such office.  During the absence or disability of the Municipal Clerk, the Deputy Municipal Clerk shall have all the powers of the Municipal Clerk and shall perform the function and duties of such office.


Lisa A. Tilton, RMC, CMR

Township Clerk / Registrar

Custodian of Records


Office Staff

Lori L. Ricci, Deputy Municipal Clerk  / Deputy Registrar

Lori Galletta Faisst, Clerk Typist / Alt. Deputy Registrar


Assist and communicate with the public regarding information pertaining to the daily operation of the municipality.  The Municipal Clerk's Office is the information and communication center of local government.  When citizens seek information or advice relative to matters concerning them and their government, they end up visiting or telephoning the Municipal Clerk.

In New Jersey, the Clerk occupies one of the most important and exacting positions in municipal government.  In many instances it is the hub of municipal operations.  The Clerk, by virtue of his/her position, serves as liaison officer between the governing officials and the taxpayers and between the executive and the general body of municipal personnel.  The Municipal Clerk is an important public relations figure in the municipal organization.  It is often said the Clerk is expected to know everything about the operations of the municipality and about how to accomplish what needs to be done.

The municipal clerk shall:
1)  act as secretary of the municipal corporation and custodian of the municipal seal and of all minute books, deeds, bonds, contracts, and archival records of the municipal corporation.  The governing body may, however, provide the ordinance that nay other specific officer shall have custody of any specific other class of record;

2)  act as secretary to the governing body, prepare meeting agendas at the discretion of the governing body, be present at all meetings of the governing body, keep a journal of the proceedings of every meeting, retain the original copies of all ordinances and resolutions, and record the minutes of every meeting.

3)  serve as the chief administrative officer in all elections held in the municipality, subject to the requirements of Title 19 of Revised Statutes;

4)  serve as chief registrar of voters in the municipality, subject to the requirements of Title 19 of the Revised Statutes;

5)  serve as the administrative officer responsible for the acceptance of applications for licenses and permits and the issuance of licenses and permits, except where statue or municipal ordinance has delegated that responsibility to some other municipal officer;

6)  serve as coordinator and records manager responsible for implementing local archives and records retention programs as mandated pursuant to Title 47 of the Revised Statutes;

7)  perform such other duties as are now or hereafter imposed by statue, regulation or by municipal ordinance or regulation.  Registrar of Vital Statistics, prepares Public Land Sales and Notary Public.

Following is a list of some of the functions to be performed under these four major headings:

a.  As secretary to the governing body:
    1)  Records official minutes of the governing body;
    2)  Handles municipal correspondence, both incoming and outgoing;
    3)  Prepares meeting agendas;
    4)  Processes, records, files, and advertises ordinances;
    5)  Processes, records, files, and, when required by law, advertises       
    6)  Processes, records, files, and advertises the municipal budget;
    7)  Processes, records, files, and advertises bids for municipal
            equipment and supplies;
    8)  Handles liaison work between the public and the governing body;
    9)  Administers and records oaths of office;
  10)  Maintains custody of all official records not specifically handled by
            other departments.

b)  As secretary of the municipal corporation:
    1)  Maintains custody of the municipal seal;
    2)  Signs the majority of official documents; attests signatures of
            municipal officers and officials;
    3)  Maintains receipt of service of legal documents.

c)  As election official:
    1)  Registers voters;
    2)  Certifies vacancies existing on the local lever;
    3)  Maintains receipt of nominating petitions and certification to the
            county clerk of local candidates nominated by petition;
    4)  Exercises quasi-judicial authority in determining the validity of
    5)  Conducts the drawing for position of candidates on the local ballot
            (primary and municipal);
    6)  Furnishes material for local elections;
    7)  Selects polling places;
    8)  Maintains receipt of election results;
    9)  Certifies to the county clerk persons elected to partisan county
            committee offices in each election district.
  10)  Canvasses the votes for and certifies election of candidates for
            local office at the primary, general and municipal elections.

d)  As administrative official:
    1)  Issues licenses (dog, kennel, marriage in first class cities, liquor,
            bingo, raffles, peddlers, taxi and many others);
    2)  Issues assessment search certificates;
    3)  Handles complaints of all types;
    4)  Furnishes data to public information media;
    5)  Purchases supplies and equipment when required;
    6)  Receives and files bonds and insurance policies;
    7)  Directs correspondence and inquiries for action to various municipal
    8)  Handles personnel records when required;
    9)  Provides for records and information management;
  10)  Conducts business with other municipal departments as directed by
            the governing body.

    It is difficult to outline all the duties and responsibilities imposed upon municipal clerks by governing bodies of individual municipalities.  These duties are generally outlined in specific ordinances or municipal codes.  In addition to the duties imposed by statute and ordinance, there are those established by custom.  These duties vary from municipality to municipality.  While they are not regarded as legally imposed responsibilities, many are highly important to the successful administration of municipal affairs.
    Chief among these is the obligation of the municipal clerk as the clerk of the governing body to provide the governing body with the necessary information and background material on those matters requiring its attention.  The adequacy and comprehensiveness of this material will enable the members of the governing body, whose service is part-time in varying degrees, to act more knowledgeably on matters requiring their attention and formal disposition.

    The status of the clerk in the respective community depends upon gaining and maintaining the complete confidence of the governing body, the press, the taxpayer, and the citizen.  In other works much of the clerk's effectiveness depends on good public relations.



        Address:   Buena Vista Township
                         890 Harding Highway, PO Box 605
                         Buena NJ, 08310

        Phone:      (856) 697-2100  or  (609) 561-5650
        Fax:          (856) 697-8651

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